Oppo A53 LCD Display With Touch Screen Glass Combo

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  • 100% Brand New Display For Oppo A53.
  • You can use this folder to repair a broken/damaged Display.
  • LCD and Touch Screen both parts combined together.
  • Same Gorilla Glass with Super Responsive Touch Screen.
  • Same Brightness and clarity as your genuine display.
  • Comes with Full Replacement Warranty For Manufacturing Defects.
  • 100% Hassle Free Returns, Refund and Replacement.
  • Ready Stock Available With Same Day Fast Shipping.
  • Cash On Delivery Option Available.
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If you’ve broken your Oppo A53 mobile and looking for its replacement display then you are on the right web page. On this page, you can buy Oppo A53 LCD Display with touch screen digitizer glass. It is a complete combo which can be used to replace a broken Oppo A53 display.

Mobile phones get damaged very easily If you put them down. When this happens and screen breaks, there is no other solution except replacing the broken display. If you are looking for Oppo A53 display, then you can buy it from here.

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Oppo A53 is a complete combo of display and touch screen both. It simply means that both parts are combined together and can’t be changed individually.

Many customers want to replace only glass or only lcd but It is simply not possible as both parts are combined together. Companies are making mobile phones with a pasted display module for a reason and separating them is never a good choice. Therefore, If you’ve broken your Oppo A53 display, simply get a new combo and replace the broken one.


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